4b Tütün Gıda ve İnşaat San. Tic.Ltd.Şti.

4B Tobacco was established in 2006 in Istanbul to operate tobacco, tobacco products, food and construction issues.
4B Tobacco with expert and experienced staff has established close relations with foreign tobacco companies. Also, our company played an important role to export Turkish tobacco all over the world. In the meantime, in abroad with partner firms and multinational companies has exported its products to countries such as Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, USA, Greece, the Philippines, Germany, France, Brazil, Romania, Italy, Ukraine.



4B Tobacco to start tobacco production for the first time in 2010 directly from the Aegean Region ‘’Cultivator Tobacco Market’’ and made 210 tons contracted trial production of tobacco.

Contract in the same market in 2011 was about 300 tons. However, in 2011, approximately 250 tons of tobaccos were bought in the region of Bitlis. Our company made some agreements in 2012, such as in the Aegean Region 907 tons, 300 tons of Bitlis region, Oriental tobaccos 500 tons and Yayladağ tobaccos 100 tons. A product if it complies with the conditions of the season 2000 tons tobaccos will be purchased directly from villagers.

4b Tütün Gıda ve İnşaat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Company headquarters are located in Istanbul. However, tobaccos are kept in the warehouse which was located on Izmir Armutlu 7,500 square.


Also in this region, our own goods storage and handling facilities in the near future will be activated. Preservation and maintenance of the tobacco warehouses are made in the best way, is always ready for export.
Our tobacco’s type of packaging are made in accordance with regional characteristics in bale and / or is kept in cardboard boxes. Our bales 25-30-45 kg in tonga-style cross-stitch sacking, the C48 and C96 are in vent boxes.

Tobacco warehouses are kept in the bunk system. Now we build up tobacco Dryer and manipulation facility in Diyarbakır Turkey. We gather green leaf tobacco from farmers then dry it and manipulate in our facility. 4B Tobacco has a positive lean on an organic tobacco project so has started preparations for the will to life in the near future. To switch to organic tobacco that requires special attention and knowledge of good agricultural project so our cultivators are primarily informed by our experts. Secondly, we have Oriental, Semi-oriental, Turkish FCV and sun-cured and Burley tobaccos. So what you are searching all we have:) Each year we are making a contract about newly cultivated tobaccos and always you can find from minimum quality to the max quality. Also, we build up our new tobacco dry and manipulation facility in Diyarbakır.